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Gupta Wessler PLLC is a national appellate, constitutional, and complex litigation boutique. We brief and argue high-stakes cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and courts across the country. We also pursue policy solutions in the nation’s capital. Through all of our efforts, we aim to help shape the law in ways that enhance justice and improve people’s lives.


This fall, the firm is proud to be battling Donald Trump on multiple fronts. We’re working with a dream team on two lawsuits challenging Trump’s Emoluments Clause violations. On October 18, Deepak Gupta presents oral argument in New York in CREW v. Trump; read our latest brief here. And, on November 15, he argues the appeal in the Trump University fraud class action in the Ninth Circuit.
This summer capped off a winning term for our firm in the U.S. Supreme Court. We were counsel of record in three merits cases and prevailed in two, successfully securing certiorari and reversal for our clients. The American Lawyer and Bloomberg profiled our advocacy before the Court. Fewer than a handful of big corporate firms surpassed our record, and no boutique firm had more wins.
In June, we won a narrow victory for the family of a Mexican teenager fatally shot by a border guard. Reversing a 15-0 en banc decision in Hernández v. Mesa, the Justices rejected the officer’s hindsight-based immunity defense. Read our brief or listen to Deepak discuss the case with Dahlia Lithwick on Slate’s “Amicus” podcast.
We also prevailed in our First Amendment challenge to laws that keep consumers in the dark about the cost of credit cards. Deepak argued Expressions Hair Design v. Schneiderman in January. Empirical SCOTUS ranked our brief the single most readable of the term. And, in Coventry Health Care v. Nevils, Matt Wessler argued against federal preemption of state laws barring insurers from bringing repayment claims against tort victims; read our brief in that case here.
In the lower courts, we continue to rack up wins for consumers, workers, and other plaintiffs. In just the past few months: Jon Taylor argued and won an Eighth Circuit appeal from a multimillion-dollar products-liability trial; Rachel Bloomekatz argued and won a Fourth Circuit appeal defending a large jury verdict under the Fair Credit Reporting Act; and Matt Wessler successfully defended a $42 million class-action judgment in the Ninth Circuit. We also scored wins in ground-up cases, including a ruling that the IRS has illegally charged hundreds of millions of dollars to tax preparers and class certification in our challenge to fees for court records via PACER.
The firm is pleased to welcome our newest lawyers, Joshua Matz and Danny Wilf-Townsend, and our new office manager, Nabila Abdallah. Joshua is a former law clerk to Justice Kennedy, publisher of the Take Care blog, and co-author with Larry Tribe of an acclaimed book on the Roberts Court. Danny is a former summer associate with the firm who rejoins us as a fellow in constitutional and appellate litigation following his two judicial clerkships.