Practice Areas

Supreme Court Practice. Gupta Wessler PLLC maintains an active practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. We brief and argue cases before the Court, devise amicus strategies, work with the Office of the Solicitor General, and assist others in preparing their cases. Among private law firms focused on representing plaintiffs and public-interest clients, our practice is unparalleled.
Appellate Practice. Most of our work is focused on doing just one thing — winning on appeal. Leading litigators nationwide regularly seek us out to handle their most consequential and challenging matters on appeal. We approach each case with a fresh perspective, a bird’s-eye view of the law, and a creative and strategic sense of how to reframe the issues for maximum success on appeal.
Constitutional & Complex Litigation. In carefully selected matters, we work with clients and co-counsel to design and prosecute constitutional and regulatory challenges and other complex litigation from the ground up. These include litigation involving federal agencies, a variety of class actions, and cutting-edge constitutional cases. We also consult on litigation strategy and are occasionally retained to argue critical, high-stakes motions that present unsettled legal issues.
Civil Rights and Class Actions. Our newest practice primarily comprises trial-court litigation to combat discrimination and other abuses in employment, housing, financial services, public accommodations, and government programs, with an emphasis on stopping technology from undermining equal rights and consumer protection. The firm is currently litigating novel cases at the intersection of civil rights and technology—on behalf of workers, consumers, non-profits, and unions—against some of the world’s largest technology companies (like Facebook and Amazon), and will continue to apply innovative legal theories to attack the misuse of technology to undermine civil rights.